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It is with regret that we have had to withdraw all our indoor events with immediate effect, this includes the coffee morning on Thursdays, Indoor Evening Events and Bacon Roll mornings.

If you attend any regular activities please contact your organiser.

If you need any help during this period please get in contact with any committee member, we have a list of people available to help if your normal support systems fail or you find yourself isolated for the first time!

Within the village the following are available and can be contacted by phone for any orders. All of the following are offering free delivery within the village.

The Shop    Offering  fruit, veg and groceries can be delivered. Phone 529176 or order on   [email protected]

The Well Parc Hot and cold  meals delivered and take away meals available from the pub. Also food provisions can be delivered. Phone 520318

The Beach Shop  Offering deliveries of milk and newspapers and basic provisions, but please order the day before.    Phone 520275 

When this is all over there will be celebrations a plenty!!



PRESENT: Frances Trenouth (Chairperson), Clive Walley (Treasurer), Pat Hall (Secretary), Sue Bird, Shaun Cornwell, Peter Jones, Rob Stevenson (guest), Julie Turner (guest), Moira Walley.     The minutes of the previous meeting held on 6th January, 2020 were agreed as a true and correct record.   Frances welcomed Shaun Cornwell and Rob Stevenson to the meeting and thanked them for coming, thanks also to Shaun for agreeing to join the committee.  

TREASURER’S REPORT: Clive passed around copies of his report and explained the content (copies attached to the Minutes Book). Many thanks to Clive for putting this together.  


Hall Rebuild: Funding and the Town Council:  Frances attended the annual funding meeting at Padstow and put our case for the building fund.  Her request was favourably received and we were awarded £5,500 (subject to completion of the Grant Release Form) rather than the £6,000 requested by Clive in their Grant Request form in October 2019.  It seems there was a great deal of support from the Councillors, in particular Teri Walter who has done us proud over the past few months and raised a lot of money for the Building Fund. Rob suggested it was worth asking the Council again for further funding if possible and Shaun suggested to Clive he would bullet-point a draft letter for him to forward to them.  Julie Turner has done a brilliant job in setting up a new website for us – and will update the total funding to £61,558.82. Julie suggested we have a News Page on the website and apply to put all but one of the Village Hall Minutes on iCloud. Julie also suggested we have a central record of email addresses of the committee and those that head the groups that use the hall regularly. Fundraising brainstorming: Sue Bird is hopeful of getting together with Sue Fyleman and, possibly, Phil Pemble, as a sub Committee to explore where we are at in terms of requests from potential funders. Shaun will also join the sub Committee.   Pat to supply Sue with figures of donations made over the past six years. Charity Certification Certificate: now located and attached to the noticeboard.

Neighbourhood Watch:  It has been noted that there has been graffiti on the bus shelter opposite the hall, this has been mentioned to Clive Wherry our local PCSO and hopefully the Council will paint over the offending wording.

Winter Warmer Supper 11th January, update:  With 49 in attendance it was a very lively evening with excellent food and a brilliant quiz from our quizmaster Syd Harris.  Funds raised were £455.50, many thanks to everyone who helped in whatever way to make this a very enjoyable night.

Prize Draw Ticket Sales, update:  An excellent total of £1,557.00 raised for this event, many thanks to all those who managed to sell the 1557 tickets, a job well done.  A special thanks to all those companies who donated prizes.

Meal at the Cornish Arms 30th January, update:  The whole evening went extremely well thanks to the excellent staff at the Cornish and Vivienne Taylor from Stein’s.  The meal raised £1,436 which was a tremendous boost to our funds.

Auction at the Cornish Arms 30th January, update:  Our auctioneer for this part of the evening was Daphne Skinnard from Radio Cornwall.  With her help and the wonderful lots donated to us, £1,704.36 was another great boost to our funds.

Envelope Draw for iPad 30th January, update:  Shaun very kindly donated the iPad for this draw at £5/£10 per envelope, this raised £235, many thanks to Shaun for his efforts and such a unique way of raising the much-needed cash.

Bacon Roll Sunday 2nd February, update: A quiet morning overall but many thanks to helpers Lisa, Ginny and Lynne. Extra produce was bought due to the closing of AA Meats so funds raised were only £93.15.  

HOUSEKEEPING: Cleaning:  Still done by committee members as and when needed. 

Fire Officer:  Fire extinguishers have now all been checked for the year.  

FUTURE EVENTS: British Food Evening, 22nd February, update:  Another excellent function, many compliments made about the vast variety of food for this event, many thanks to all cooks and helpers on the night.  A magnificent amount raised of £530.40.

Bingo or Quiz Night Friday 13th March:  Sue has agreed to run a Quiz for this evening, £5 per head, 7 for 7.30pm, no food involved so attendees just to bring their own drinks and nibbles.

Curry Night 28th March: To be discussed at next meeting.  

FUTURE PLANS: Pat contacted Jackki Lavender at Asda in Bodmin requesting a donation of sorts for our next events.  Jackki kindly managed to supply vegetables for the British Food Evening and a large teddy bear for the raffle at Bacon Roll Sunday.  Jackki also advised that unfortunately major funding for various charities was now on hold but would be happy to continue to supply us with produce for our up and coming events.  A very big thank you to Asda. Wi-Fi in the Hall:  Shaun has kindly offered to investigate this for us and will speak with British Telecom regarding internet connection and advise us of what can be done.  

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Need for committee members:  Julie Turner has agreed to join the committee, many thanks to Julie for her support.   Very sadly we will now miss Ginny from the committee, Ginny has been an invaluable member of the team and has carried out bookings for the hall, assisted with food preparation for our various events, acted as fire officer, compiled the rota for Bacon Roll Sundays and John, her husband has been kind enough to keep our noticeboard outside the hall uptodate, even making and wooden Christmas tree to decorate the building. So many thanks to Ginny and John they will be sorely missed.   Moira to ask Alison Newman if she would be prepared to write up the noticeboard as and when required.   Pat to compile future Bacon Roll Sunday rotas.   Julie has agreed to take on the task of the Hall bookings and will contact Ginny to see what needs to be done in the future.   Moira is collating a list of Friends of the Village Hall in the hope that they can help in the preparation etc at our various events in the future and generally to support whatever we fundraise with next.      

The meeting closed at 4.00pm   Next Meeting:  Monday 16th March, 2020 at 2pm